Thursday, May 14, 2015

This is NOT and Exit

Mark walked down the dairy isle in the Walmart store he worked at. It was nearing 9pm, the end of his shift and he had been sent to check for any messes that might need attention before he left. 
Passing the milk section he glanced at the glass and kept walking. 
"Hold on, what was that?" He turned around and took a second look. "What! Who wrote 'Exit' on this door?" He exclaimed. 
The letters were large and appeared to have been written in red sharpie. He tried rubbing the incorrect declaration off the glass door with the sleeve of his shirt, but it didn't even smear.
"I'll tell the manager about this before I leave." Mark promised himself. "Haha, whoever wrote that had a sense of humor." 
The next day…. 
Steve walked quickly down the back isle of the store. Glancing around to be sure no one was watching he tucked the stolen DVD inside his shirt. Suddenly Mark rounded the corner. 
"Can I help you?" He ask. 
"No." Steve replied quickly.
Mark shrugged his shoulders and walked the other way. 
"Ah! There's an exit!" Steve said to himself in relief. He ran down the dairy isle, grabbed hold of the milk door, and stepped in. Pushing aside the milk on the third shelf he pulled himself through to the other side. 
"Now where is that exit?" Steve looked around the dark, tight space. "Boy is it cold in here. How is this an exit?" 
The next day…. 
Mark went to the back room with the mission to restock the milk section. Before he could hit the light he tripped over something. 
"What was that?" he stood up and flipped the light on. 
There lay Steve. He was pretty much frozen and sound asleep. 
"Oh great. I forgot all about those letters written on the glass. I guess he got confused… We better put up a sign.”
Steve was a blonde. 
Mark was also a blonde. 
The door now has a sign that declares, "THIS IS NOT AN EXIT." 
The end. 

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