Friday, May 1, 2015

Dear Mr Time

Today, dear Mr. Time,
Could you add an extra portion to mine? 
Surely a spare minute here or there
Could be found for my watch to bare. 
You see, I need it in order to get each task done.
Some at least would be better than none. 
For certain you could find
A lazy couch potato who wouldn’t mind,
Or maybe just not notice, if 
57 minutes of TV time, a whiff,
To be honest, were taken from his dose. 
I know also two children who get close
To fighting when too much time 
Is left on their hands. Really a crime. 
Snip 8 minutes off each of them.
Oh please do be a gem!
Then I would have 16 more minutes,
Which I would add to those 57 minutes,
Resulting in an extra hour and 13 minutes.
And as everyone knows, minutes
Do add up after awhile.
That helps, but it’s a small pile.
Let me think.
All these jobs could make me sink!
Could you spare me one more hour?
I’m not asking for a clock tower.
Please only think, Mr Time,
How I have written you this lovely rhyme. 
How about I tell you were to get it.
Hold on, give me a bit...
Oh! I know where!
Remember this? You were there...
Last month you took an hour from me.
It was for Day Light’s Savings, you see?
You can not deny the fact,
While I slept you committed the act. 
Just give me that hour back. 
What would you do with it anyway?
Please add that hour back to my day. 
Let me add that up now.
Two hours and 13 minutes that would allow.
Tale as old as Time,
I wrote you a pretty rhyme,
You are wise and to each you give
The minutes exact which we should live. 
But please be persuaded today.
I guess that’s all I have to say. 

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