Tuesday, March 29, 2016

You are Loved

Please, show me the way.
Peace, rest in My stay.

Tell me the next move. 
Wait, you’ve nothing to prove.

People talk, say it’s not enough. 
My words and ways, are not their stuff.

Trusting is hard. 
Let down your guard.

Character building hurts.
I’m carrying you through the deserts. 

It would be easier to do something. 
Wait on Me, watch what I’ll bring. 

I need my own dreams. 
Drink from My living streams. 

Give me a vision. 
For you here’s My provision. 

Don’t leave me hanging. 
The door is open there’s no banging. 

Show me You love me. 
Dear one, open your eyes, see. 

I’m resting here.
Child, I am near. 

I’m waiting on You.
That’s all I ask you to do. 

All that matters is what You think.
Others will not cause you to sink. 

I desire to trust You more.
My grace upon you I pour. 

Bring me through this rough season.
My child, for everything there is a reason. 

I accept whatever You have in store. 
And I long to give you even more. 

I’m drinking life from You.
My dreams I give you too. 

Fill me more with Your zeal.
You are marked with My seal.

I am held in Your hand. 
In My courts you shall stand. 

I know all this is from above.

Know, you are loved, by My Great Love! 


  1. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Beautiful blog you have here! Lovely poem as well!

    God bless,