Monday, February 29, 2016

A Very Important Person in Your Life

“Hello small child,
Welcome to the world.
There’s something you should know,
I am your Grandfather,
And I am a very important person in your life.”

You’ve said this all my life.
I, of course, take some credit,
Being the first born grandchild,
Maybe I inspired the phrase,
“A very important person in your life.”

I watched you say the same thing
To all my siblings and cousins, 
Each when first you held them, 
Told them you loved them,
Prayed over them, blessing their life.

You’ve reminded us all of this fact, 
That you are our Grandfather,
A very important person in our life,
And we’ve smiled at you and laughed too,
Though we knew you were mostly serious.

But as I’ve hear you remind me and
Watched you tell your other grandchildren 
That you are an important person in our life,
I’ve seen you walk out what that means,
To be our Grandfather and be important. 

Maybe it was meant to be a funny phrase,
But it’s true, because you are
An important person in my life. 
You’ve lived a lot more life than I have
And know lessons of great value. 

You pray for me too, for all of us, 
I know and I treasure that knowledge.
You care for us and lift us up
To our Father in Heaven,
Blessing us and interceding for us. 

You’ve set an example before us
Of a godly man, a leader for his family,
One who follows Christ and makes a way.
So that the rest of us may follow in our own walks
With the Father who blessed us with you. 

You are our Grandfather.
An important person in our lives.
You love us and we love you. 
Thank you for being important, 

For being the man God called you to be. 

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