Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dreams Like Bubbles

Fragile forms floating
Away from the wand
The spherical configurations 
Rise above the reaching fingers
Gently the wind carries them higher
Still the child dances after
Pointing, grasping, following
Pursing yet the magic 
Some will burst along the way
The fingers grab 
The forms can’t hold again the stab
Others fly further 
Until the pressure closes in 
And yet a few will arrive
To brush against the sky
Before fading away 
Bubbles like the dreams of a child 
Are delicate and require 
The soft whispering breezes
To carry them upward
Dream on, dear one
Reach still above your head
Let your dreams brush the clouds
And you, tender guardian 
Handle tenderly the aspirations of the young 
Let those dreams
Tender as the fragile forms
Alight on the whispers of encouragement 
And let not harsh winded words 
Push them down
Rise above sweet dream
Ever strong 
Yet tender 

As the bubbles of your childhood 

The Eyes of a Child

Wide with wonder
Taking in the world
The eyes of a child 
Round their space
Absorbing this place
Never lose 
the child-like gaze 
Capture the moments 
With hands that always seek
To understand new and old 
Retain that mystery told 
Keep time with the rhythm 
Of curiosity 
And never lose the eyes of a child 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Ocean, Rising to Setting

The body of water lies still at peace.
It has no care, no worry, no crease.
Calmly it waits for the morning rays,
To awaken its light and set it to praise.

The light hits the ocean a new day is here.
Time to embrace a shining atmosphere.
A ripple appears, a wave is born.
It will not be stopped, moved, or torn.

More waves move in upon the beach.
Shells and sand are shifted with each.
Light shimmers reflecting off the water,
It sparkles and moves as the day grows hotter.

The wind picks up, the waves have grown.
Blues of the ocean attest a deeper tone. 
Afternoon wears on, clouds roll in.
A misting of rain descends therein.

The day is not done, wait there is more.
Do not leave it behind, watch the shore.
An ocean of pink, then purple, then navy,

The sun dips below the ocean all wavy.