Sunday, August 9, 2015

Ocean, Rising to Setting

The body of water lies still at peace.
It has no care, no worry, no crease.
Calmly it waits for the morning rays,
To awaken its light and set it to praise.

The light hits the ocean a new day is here.
Time to embrace a shining atmosphere.
A ripple appears, a wave is born.
It will not be stopped, moved, or torn.

More waves move in upon the beach.
Shells and sand are shifted with each.
Light shimmers reflecting off the water,
It sparkles and moves as the day grows hotter.

The wind picks up, the waves have grown.
Blues of the ocean attest a deeper tone. 
Afternoon wears on, clouds roll in.
A misting of rain descends therein.

The day is not done, wait there is more.
Do not leave it behind, watch the shore.
An ocean of pink, then purple, then navy,

The sun dips below the ocean all wavy.

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