Saturday, May 23, 2015

Heroes Come in Small Packages: May Quote Quest

The Prompt: "We're just kids, we aren't suppose to be heroes yet." 

The Rules Can be found Here.  If you want to join, go for it! 

“But we’re just kids, we aren’t suppose to be heroes yet. This is so confusing! Janet, what should we do?” Brandon’s 7 year old’s face held an expression that could only be described by the words ‘utterly and completely bewildered and concerned’ as he looked at his equally confused twin sister. 
“Yeah, but I think we can at least try to help, right?” The darling pixy girl with chestnut curls looked at her feet and then back at her brother. 
“Um sure, but doing what and how?” 
“Wait! I have a plan.” Janet’s eyes glimmered with a hit of sparkle.
“Is it a good one?” 
“I have a plan.” 
Brandon looked doubtful. 
“Come on, follow me.” Janet held out her hand to her brother and once he took hold, she whisked him away faster than one would have thought her short legs could have flown. Her bedroom door didn’t have a lock, but her closet did. Before he could say anything, Janet did an unexpected flip of her wrist which sent Brandon sprawling into the tiny space. “Stay here.” She ordered and turned the lock before the little boy, who was older than her by 32 seconds and didn’t take kindly to being told what to do, could finish a startled, “Huh?” 
But Janet didn’t go far before she turned around. Using her gymnastics skills she dropped and summersaulted back to the door. Laying on the carpet, she pushed her mouth to the crack between the floor and the door and whispered, “Brandon, there’s something you should know if I don’t come back.”
“What’s that?” He whispered back.

“I don’t have a key.” With that Janet sprang up again, attempted to do a cartwheel, and landed flat on her back outside her bedroom door. Disregarding the failed attempt at a superhero’s grand exit, she hopped up and ran off to complete her mission. 

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