Sunday, May 10, 2015

Psalm 139

The past several months I have been memorizing Psalm 139. I then took two verses a day and meditated on them. To enable me to more clearly see the deeper meaning of each one, I looked up key words in the passage and wrote down their various meanings. Finally I rewrote the two verses a day, expanding them and using my own words to add to my understanding. I was amazed by how much added meaning I found through the process. Here is how I rephrased the psalm…

God has carefully examined me in order to understand me and He has become acquainted with me. He knows me individually, apart from all others. He understands me personally, deeply. He is familiar with everything about me. The Lord understands the nature and meaning of each of my steps and each rest I take. He has personal knowledge of my habits because He studies me. Every word I speak has been apprehended clearly with certainty by God, He is fully aware and He takes everything into consideration. The Lord has surrounded me and protects me on all sides, with His hands. Understanding of that reality is too great for me; it is above my ability to grasp, I cannot wrap my mind about it. Where can I go where You are not there? Is possible for me to escape from Your nearness at all times? If I rise into Heaven You are there; if I choose to sink into Hell, behold, You are there also. If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the outermost parts of the sea, even there Your hand shall go before me and guide me, and Your right hand shall sustain and support me. If I say "darkness and evil are going to capture me" even when it is night light will shine around me; indeed darkness cannot escape You nor hide anything from You, but the night is as bright as the day; the darkness and the light have no separation to You. For You gave shape, order, and form to my core being, my innermost parts, and my mind and soul; You protected, sheltered, and defended me while I was yet not born. I will praise You for I am something which incites awe and am excellently created. Extraordinary are Your creations and everything You touch, and that my innermost being is well aware of. My body was not concealed from You, when I was made in a sheltered, secluded place and shaped with skill in the lowest parts of the earth. Your eyes saw my essence even before I had a defined shape and in Your book all of them were recorded, the days made for me when none of then had yet passed. Your thoughts are of high value to me, Lord. They are so many that I cannot count them for there are more of them than grains of sand. When I wake up I am still in Your presence. Oh, that You would destroy and extinguish the evil, O God! Go away and leave me, thus, you murderous, violent men. For they speak sinfully against You. Your haters take Your name and remove its meaning. They disrespect You. Those who intensely dislike You, O Lord, do I not also hate? And do I not regard with disgust those who come up against You? I abhor them greatly, I consider then my foes. Carefully examine me, look beyond me outward demeanor, O God, and become acquainted with and understand my heart. Try me, and perceive my worries, and discern whether there is any sinful manner in me and direct me in the path eternal, lasting, continuing forever.

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