Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What is a Hero?

What is a hero?
One Hundred to zero,
Age does not matter.

Is a hero something great?
Sometimes it’s the hands of fate
That brings one to light.

Does a hero have to be brave?
Courage, at times to save,
Is rather fear channeled. 

Will a hero be very strong?
For a time not long
Will strength matter. 

A hero is not something
Made up of one thing
Or things too many to count. 

A hero does not seem
Always to be deemed 
Worth of praise.

Some heroes are never seen
For who they are, but only the scene
They made in their moment of greatness. 

A hero can be small,
Lacking the titles “handsome” and “tall,”
But gaining instead that of “Grace.” 

A hero can be the child
Who, meek and mild,
Shares his cookie with another.

A hero can be the father
Who never views as a bother
The dirt dish water reaching his elbows. 

A hero can be the one 
Who had no choice in what was begun
And can only find courage to finish. 

A hero is the one who used 
Fear and refused 
To fall defeated.

A hero is the person next to you
That never gave in who
Pushed though the day. 

A hero is anyone that
Chooses not to fall flat
In the face of challenges.

A hero is one who rises
And embraces surprises
And lives to give others joy

A hero lives to give others joy. 

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