Sunday, March 8, 2015

Beautiful Even So

The day had been long, charged with fun.
They ran on the beach and bathed in the sun. 
Swimming from morning till late afternoon,
They observed an underwater world of rocks, coral, and dunes. 

The ocean crystal clear with sun-raise shining through,
Vibrant coral there on the submerged rocks grew. 
She felt encompassed by an underwater rainbow,
Fish every shade of color, blue, white, green, and yellow.

That evening, both dinner and dessert through,
Side by side on the deck, they surveyed the ocean anew.
This time in the shadows quietly, under the stars,
Overwhelmed by peaceful fatigue, the two had no cares. 

They leaned contentedly on the railing,
Discussing poetry, but kind of failing.
They could not decide if the trash in the ocean
Stole from it’s beauty like a sore demotion. 

In the dark the water lapped quietly below.
The two considered both sides, but did not know.
The items visible there did not add beauty,
But did they really bring with them a measure of cruelty? 

A new angle he began to consider.
Each submerged treasure she figured,
Has a story to tell concerning their labor of love. 
During the day those things were missed, unthought of.

Observing now what they had not recognized in the light,
They considered the ocean’s transformative aptitude by night. 
Taking broken glass it formed sea glass, sunken ships, now reef locations.
Each gained a fresh perspective, subsequent to considering those relations. 

The ocean was beautiful they could not deny.
They had swam in it all that day, and why,
If it were beautiful then would it cease to be now?
Each submerged story simply waits to share its vow. 

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